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Dreams Never Die

In this episode, we salute women who are creating calendars for a cause. Plus, meet a man who never gave up on his college baseball dreams, and a true artist who has transformed after horrifying tragedy.

Famous Footsteps

In this episode, we celebrate celebrity look-alikes, people who survived despite incredible odds, and prove that taking big chances can lead to big rewards.

Discover Your Future

In this episode, we dig into the past with Joanie Schirm, who discovered an incredible family history — starting with a pair of pants. Plus, amazing art in 5 minutes and we welcome Wendy Chioji to the team!

Leading the Way

We take a look at those who are Growing Bolder through: Overcoming Obstacles, Pursuing Passions, Staying Active, Making a Difference and Breaking Barriers.

Never Give Up

On this episode, meet a man who proves it’s NEVER too late to stitch together a dream. Plus, we’ll introduce you to a man whose 40 years of experience in news has resulted in some of the most breathtaking space photos in history and an Olympic hero provides insight on one of the fastest-growing sports for 50+.