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The Fountain of Youth: Depend

Mar Jennings 16x9

Experts agree that the closest thing to an actual fountain of youth is maintaining an active, social lifestyle. Our Growing Bolder stories prove that healthy, active living is key to longevity, and Depend’s Mar Jennings has some great tips.

Bolder in Business: Xenna Corporation

Callex 16x9

One thing that we find behind just about every Growing Bolder story is a passionate person who saw a problem and worked hard to solve it. That’s the story behind a company called Xenna and its inspirational CEO, Carol Buck.

Inside Roger McGuinn’s World

Roger Thumbnail 16x9

He’s one of the biggest names in rock and roll, and Growing Bolder is giving you unprecedented access to his life, home and music. From his road trips to his historic home movies; from his recording studio to his personal passions, find out what makes rock icon Roger McGuinn click.

Loan Scam Alert: Advice From NeighborWorks America


It’s hard enough to build up a nest egg and these days you’ve got to be proactive to protect it, which is why we have a scam alert for you today.

Scammers are targeting homeowners that are facing foreclosure or looking for a loan modification. These scams from so called “rescue” companies are getting increasingly sophisticated. Barbara Floyd Jones, Senior Manager of National Homeownership Programs at NeighborWorks America, shared some advice with Growing Bolder.

Bolder in Business: Xenna CEO Carol Buck


Carol Buck was a stay-at-home mom, but when her children left the nest, she found the courage to start her own company selling premium foot care products. Now serving as an inspiration to others, Carol shares her best tips with GB’s Secily Wilson.

Dr. Daniel Thomas


Taking control of your life starts by taking control of your health. Dr. Daniel Thomas explains how your lifestyle has a much bigger impact on your lifespan than genetics. Find out what you can to live a longer, healthier life.

Peter Buffett


Peter Buffett is proof that the even the world’s wealthiest families can raise children who have a social conscious, And now he’s inspired the entire world to rethink how philanthropy should really work. He explains.

Matt Thornhill


Are marketers finally paying attention to Boomers? What is the biggest misconception advertisers still have about the 50+ age group? Matt Thornhill, one of the nation’s top experts on the Boomer Consumer, weighs in.

Oleda Baker


We check in via Skype with Team GB Elite blogger Oleda Baker to find out how she feels about her upcoming 80th birthday. And she’s heard what the naysayers have had to say about her appearance. Has she had a facelift? She tells all.

Book a Trip to Ireland!


Are you ready to hit the road? When you’re Growing Bolder, life is one big adventure. Try Ireland! The country features gorgeous lands and waterways, with some of the world’s most scenic roadways.

Sandy Scott

Sandy Scott Skype16x9

Sandy Scott is living proof that it’s never too late to try new things or to be great. He is so interesting and inspiring that we’ve invited him to join Team GB Elite. See what makes him one of the most unique 74-year-olds on the planet.

Roz Savage


Roz Savage was a management consultant living an uninspired life. As an exercise one day, she wrote two versions of her own obituary — the one she wanted and the one she was heading for if she didn’t make a change. So she did make a change. She quit her job and began to row […]